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Download Files directly to your web host server faster and easier

Needless to say that it’s a hectic job to download and upload a file from some website  to your hard drive and again upload and extract it to your server. Imagine how much time are you loosing in this process. But imagine how you can save your time by directly downloading it to your own web server. […]

How to manually setup WordPress Blog for beginners

I saw someone in Yahoo Answers asking help for setting up WordPress Blog. He downloaded the latest version of WordPress from Then he was having problem with configuration. This article is totally focused for those who are new in wordpress blogging. Let me guide you in easy steps to set-up your wordpress blog. First, […]

Top 5 alternatives of Domain

After publishing the last post, Facebook banned domain, I thought of finding some good and still free alternatives of free subdomain names. And with some research, it was not that hard. Today, I am listing some free and shortest domain names which can be best alternative for domains which has been banned from […]