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“I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else” Virus Removal

Few days back when i tried to open mozilla firefox i got a message “I Dont hate mozilla but use IE or Else”… this was my first encounter with a virus or worm… My antiVirus couldn’t detect it My Colleague at college also had encountered with this worm. When I went through Google, I landed […]

Remove Khatarnak.exe virus manually

I’ve been encountering with KHATARNAK.EXE virus since yesterday. This virus is very dangerous spreading through Auto run of USB drives ,if you try to copy or move some files from USB drive to your computer,you are invited chaos. The symptoms are:– Taskmanager and registery editors are disabled– Folder options will missed from Tools menu– You […]

New NOD32 Activation Keys and Username/passwords

My earlier post with ESET NOD32 is expired, I think. Now here I am updating New username and passwords for NOD32 and Also few activation codes if you need it.Username/Password that could be used directly with NOD32Usernames PasswordsEAV-05107649 cp8san4tra EAV-05107636 bskt65jresEAV-05107637 nxtx5vhw67EAV-05106553 7fkb8×22jaEAV-05446674 dk2tcaevaw EAV-05446627 dt6hes6eb3EAV-05210760 7jejnc77×3EAV-05446122 hnrbwr5nntEAV-05445989 8wftu3h8mpEAV-05445433 28apw5meh3EAV-05445417 dhdp2wseeaEAV-05445256 evejt22ewtEAV-05444949 vxh7hmbmsdEAV-05445732 xb873unkk6Activation codesM223-0200-039K-5EJY-00UE-OHZ2M224-0200-03NR-XQOI-W1QU-SUB5M224-0200-03NR-ZSNR-10Y9-7DNJM224-0200-03NS-0COD-V00D-AJJCM224-0200-03NS-4NV9-E1JT-FGSGM224-0200-03NS-GS8T-Q1AS-CAOEM224-0200-03NS-ISF0-N1T7-GNHHM224-0200-03NS-MUMR-H08T-BS6NM224-0200-03NS-N9OA-31XI-FWNSM224-0200-03NS-PQK5-J0QJ-SLFGM224-0200-03NS-R3IJ-V0LG-GSUMM224-0200-03NS-UME9-T0AF-U6ZRM224-0200-03NS-VHX0-W1M2-RCR7M224-0200-03NT-48HC-A0H2-2CL3M224-0200-03NT-6EAF-11GH-T62IM224-0200-03NT-7BB8-W0I8-8KPPM224-0200-03NT-A2ZB-51YP-Q5BQM224-0200-03NT-BI08-C00B-QFFWM224-0200-03NT-CFYM-U1MJ-WRCZM224-0200-03NT-E3E5-Y0VR-Z4F7M224-0200-03NT-FUI8-O068-V78G […]


What is it???AMVO.exe is a trojan/backdoorSymptoms:Folder Option is not working – you cannot enable the Folder Option or show the hidden files running into you computer.Hidden file problemAlways open new windows in all drivesError occur of the memory referenceHere are the steps for removing it manually 1. Uncheck amvo.exe from msconfig>> startup (type msconfig in […]

Free NOD32 Anti-virus Keys

Today, I am posting you some free NOD32 serial keys. It works and is useful too. And I am also using this. Here are few codes: UserName: EAV-04740302 PassWord: sdwme6f4cb UserName: EAV-04670657 PassWord: ndntkwa3u5 UserName: EAV-04670886 PassWord: 6xdthbnhk5 UserName: EAV-04208386 PassWord: 3ses5c54sb pay per click advertising UserName: EAV-04206460 PassWord: xn76f2vvsj UserName: EAV-04670885 PassWord: 2f6jccx2vh UserName: […]

Kaspersky Anti-virus License key hack

You can get free 1 year of Kaspersky Anti-Virus license key. The only thing you need to do is to register at the China Kaspersky forum. After signing up, you’ll get a chance to enter your email address and the server will send you the license key. You get to save $39.95 from your pocket […]

IPH.exe virus? Automatic timer shutdown?-Best remedy

Have you ever encountered with a strange message saying,Gotcha!!! You are now in my control!!!! I think I can help youWell it is so easy to remove those viruses manually. But it is not a permanent method to remove. There is no any other alternative than precautions to get rid of virus permanently.If you want […]

Removing Autorun.inf/Autorun.ini virus manually

Please note that I’ve already posted this thing but it was only few steps.. Now I want you to apply several methods to remove the autorun.inf or autorun.ini virus.METHOD IYou can easily remove the VB script viruses like MS32DLL.dll.vbs and others which works with the aid of autorun.inf in your harddrive. This virus is mostly […]

Uninstalling windows from command prompt

One option included in Windows XP is the ability to uninstall XP if you performed an upgrade from Windows 98, 98SE, or Windows Me.The standard method of removing XP is achieved by booting into XP normally and uses the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel.If you are unable to start XP normally, the second option […]