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Making PHP login more secure with some tweaks in MD5 hashing

There are several methods to make your login script secure. The most crucial step for that is obviously to escape strings using real_escape_string() function that varies from the PHP version. This will get you rid of some common SQL injection attacks via form or address bar. Another thing you must make secure is the user password. […]

Learn how to hack with Ethical Hacking Guide

Any one running a website related to Hacking gets this question asked daily “How to Hack?”Most of us are curious to learn hacking but dont know where to start,so I am writing this article for all those people who want to Learn Hacking and dont know where to start or want to Learn Hacking from […]

How to resize java games and play it in fullscreen on your cell.

You may be wondering, how to play those java games which are either very big or small for your mobile phone’s screen resolution. We happily present you a simple hack and tweak to re-size according to your cell screen resolution. Say you have downloaded pinball.jar in your computer. Now all you have to do is […]

Hack any Symbian Nokia Phones

This hack tutorial will allow you to install unsigned applications in your any symbian 9.2 OS featured Cell phone. It will allow you to give applications full permissions. Basically, it will give you Freedom from the firmware. we will not be responsible for anything happening to your phone, though Nothing bad should happen anyway. This […]

Download your Facebook album within a minute

Think of albums that have been uploaded by your friends, family or colleagues. It is possible to manually download individual photos from Facebook.. But.. ever wondered if you download whole the album of your Facebook Account? Here is a nice application which can help you download them easily. Visit this Firefox plugin page and […]

Nokia N97 Hack

The latest version of HelloOX has been released, and it’s easier than ever to get unsigned software working on your N97. But let’s step back a bit: unsigned software is simply any kind of application that hasn’t gone through the Symbian Foundation’s rigorous signing process. Most freeware is unsigned, mainly due to the costs involved […]

Photos Disappearing due to a Bug in iPhone OS 3.0?

Based on this Apple Discussions thread, it looks like there is a bug in iPhone OS 3.0, it is not a critical bug but an annoying one. Users are complaining that photos taken using iPhone’s camera can’t be accessed from the built-in Photo app or can’t be seen in iPhone’s camera roll, they seem to […]

How To Recover Deleted Files

If you have lost important files from your harddrive and if you are sure that they have been deleted, don’t panic! Uneraser is simple software that can help. In this tutorial, we will see how Uneraser works. On this link you can download Uneraser. For example, I delete move file on Local Disk (E:) , […]

Controlling the RC car using Visual Basic 6

I am back again with my next post. This post is about controlling the RC car using the Visual Basic 6. There are also several programs that you can control RC car with but I have chosen Visual Basic because I am little bit de javu in Visual Basic. If you are directly linked to […]