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Visual Basic Tutorial continued…

More About EventsThe Form has more events besides the Form_Load event.How can you find them? Click on the Drop-Down List that found in the upper left corner ofthe Code Window, where appears right now the text “Form” You will see a list of the components that found in your program.You have 1 command button with […]

Visual Basic tutorial

Learning about EventsVisual Basic is “Event Driven” language.What does it mean? Everything that happening, launch an event.You’ve moved the mouse? The “MouseMove” event has been launched.You’ve pressed a key? The “KeyPress” event has been launched. You can program the events.When the mouse moves, you can change the Form’s color (for example),and when a key is […]

Visual Basic Tutorial- Adding controls to form

Adding Controls to the FormThere are many controls you can use with your program:Buttons, Text Boxes, Pictures, Scroll Bars and more.You can see all these controls in the Toolbox.To see the Toolbox, Select from the menu View->Toolbox And you will see the Toolbox Now lets add a button to your form.Buttons in Visual Basic called […]

Visual Basic Tutorial- Learning about the properties

Every component (form is component for example) has properties,that determine its look and its functioning.Properties can be the component color, width, height and more. To see the form properties, select from the menu View->Properties Window. The properties window looks like this:n the red circle you can see the component name:These are the properties of a […]

What am I up to?

Nearly one month passed and I haven’t posted any good article. Finding good post in the internet and sharing them using one’s own blog is hard but it is also easy when you do it with proper concern. But to write your own article is most toughest job. In my blog I’ve mixed all the […]

Getting started with Visual basic 6

The first thing you do is,Run the Visual Basic program. The first thing you see is: Here you choose what is the kind of the program you want to create.For creating a simple Visual Basic program, choose the Standard EXE,and press the Open Button. (If the above figure is not the first thing you see […]

What Is Visual Basic and Why do I need it?

Visual Basic is Easy to learn Programming language.With Visual Basic you can develop Windows based applications and games.Visual Basic is much more easier to learn than other language (like Visual C++),and yet it’s powerful programming language. Visual Basic suit more for application developing than for Games developing.You can create sophisticated games using Visual Basic, ButIf […]

How to make a virus using Visual Basic

Many of you feel that creating a virus is impossible especially for you beginners. Well this tutorial shows you how to create a simple virus with just a few lines of code. A virus can be an application that deletes files upon request, this is seen as infecting your computer because by deleting key files […]