What am I up to?

Nearly one month passed and I haven’t posted any good article. Finding good post in the internet and sharing them using one’s own blog is hard but it is also easy when you do it with proper concern. But to write your own article is most toughest job. In my blog I’ve mixed all the contents relating to computer and technology.

Anyways, these days I am busy to do my practical assignments and make notes of my subjects. Exams and near and amazingly I don’t have any fear, well tomorrow is my First terminal exam and I haven’t prepared yet. But this not the thing I am up to this month. I have something different work to do.

I participated a college exhibition under three specific topics, Society, Environment and Technology. Participate must choose only one genre, and I choose technology and the project that I’ve chosen to do is COMPUTER AND ITS POSSIBILITIES.
I am using Visual Basic and Parallel port to control external device. And here is a basic idea for my project.

An external device (may be a car, television, radio, light or any other electronic appliances) will be made in such a way that it’s switch can be triggered just by a click of your computer or by the movement of your mouse.

The device we want to control is connected to the computer via cable and the system will be guided by a program that is coded in a programming language, either in C++ or QBASIC or VISUAL BASIC or even HTML. The program is coded in such a way that the keyboard or mouse of the computer is able to control every function or operation performed by the device. Computer program will send some data to the circuit and trigger the device for the desired task.
Thus, with these visions and techniques, we have planned to complete our project, a basic project related to computer technology and its possibilities

The award will be given to them who have the best concept, my friends also revealed their project and most of them are going to prepare ROBOTS, FM transmitter and receiver, Hydro electricity sample, etc. I don’t know if I am liable to the award but I am sure that I have some goal related to my project.

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