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Everest Software Review 2010

Everest Software empowers companies to view and manage every function of their business more effectively. The company’s fully integrated business management software, Everest, addresses the unique needs of growing small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the wholesale/distribution and retail industries by allowing them to quickly manage and track their business online and offline; from the […]

Download your Facebook album within a minute

Think of albums that have been uploaded by your friends, family or colleagues. It is possible to manually download individual photos from Facebook.. But.. ever wondered if you download whole the album of your Facebook Account? Here is a nice application which can help you download them easily. Visit this Firefox plugin page and […]

Fujifilm launching 3-D consumer camera

While the television world haplessly attempts to figure out how to bring 3-D display technology to the home, Fujifilm is charging forward with the bold goal of bringing the third dimension to still camera photos. The only thing immediately and obviously curious about the company’s prototype point-and-shoot camera (pictured above) is the placement of a […]

The World’s First 32 GB DDR3 Memory Module

Single 32 GB DDR3 Memory Module is the latest buzz. Samsung has unveiled the world’s first 32GB DDR3 memory module tuned for use in servers. The module operates at 1.35 volts and supports the trend in reducing power usage in data centers around the world. The RAM uses the Samsung 50nm 4Gb DDR3 chips. The […]

Cell phone service at the top of the world

Mobile phone services will soon be available on top of Mt Everest, the world’s tallest peak. The service, which will operate on both GSM and CDMA handsets, will be introduced by Nepal Telecom (NT), Nepal’s largest telecom company. They will commence the service by mid-June this year. NT is extending its cell phone network to […]

Bluetooth 3.0 Specifications Rumored to Be Released

When Bluetooth first appeared, it was conceived as a wireless alternative to the RS232 data cables. As you can probably figure it out, there wasn’t much faith in this brand new short-range data exchange technology. However, Bluetooth has grown so fast that we cannot even conceive Bluetooth-less gadgets anymore and rumors of Bluetooth 3.0 specifications […]

Control your phone via your Citizen watch

The development of Bluetooth technology is probably one of those landmark moments in the history of science and tech, given the fact that it has brought about a major shift in the way people perceive mobile phones and has led to the appearance of an absolutely huge number of accessories that make use of it, […]

Launching QuickTime from a Text Link -FileextensionQTL

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to use a poster movie to launch QuickTime Player. It involves another production step for one thing, and the viewer needs to have QuickTime installed just to see the poster. Starting with QuickTime 5, it’s possible to launch QuickTime Player directly from a text link. And this is made possible by Apple’s […]

Apple Mac mini review

Is the £649 Mac mini a wise buy? The Mac mini has had such a low profile of late that many pundits predicted it would be discontinued rather than updated, with the folks from Cupertino concentrating on the mighty iMac as an entry-level computer. Instead Apple gave the Mac mini range an overhaul, with faster […]