Launching QuickTime from a Text Link -FileextensionQTL

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to use a poster movie to launch QuickTime Player. It involves another production step for one thing, and the viewer needs to have QuickTime installed just to see the poster. Starting with QuickTime 5, it’s possible to launch QuickTime Player directly from a text link. And this is made possible by Apple’s new extention .QTL. has been providing this software for free and easily.

Actually what .QTL for?
When you load a movie, the browser downloads the movie to the user’s hard disk as an ordinary file,not as a temporary cache item, so you can easily watch the video without any interruptions and buffering.

As the downloaded file remains in the hard disk, it won’t make your computer slow because of the temporary store of internet files and video that are played online. Also you can keep the movie file for future reference to play the movie directly on your harddrive just rename the file extension .QTL to .MOV. You’ll need latest QuickTime player for this.

The .qtl (QuickTime Link) file extension is associated with QuickTime movie files located on a web server, and available for users to download or stream. It is the exact same format as a .mov file, and in fact, a user could download a .qtl, rename it as a .mov, and it would open and run just fine inside QuickTime Player. So why the need for another extension for the exact same file format? –

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