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Selecting database using alternative methods in PHP

Most of the time we use mysql_select_db() to select a mysql database, the syntax is mysql_select_db( db_name, connection ); The above syntax results a boolean value, i.e. either true (1) or false(0). Alternatively, you can use MySQL command: USE database_name Let me show you how to use it with PHP. You can implement the above […]

The New Real Iron Man suit is now upgraded!

The new Iron Man Suit was unveiled on Monday during a demonstration with Paramount Home Entertainment. Though it’s not exactly Iron Man suits, it meets the latest technology that we have. The new robotic suit called Exoskeleton (XOS 2) is released by Raytheon Company, XOS 2 is lighter, faster and stronger than its predecessor, yet […]

Visit World’s First website

You use Facebook, Google and other web pages everyday. But have you ever visited world’s first website? Let’s recall the history. The main idea of World Wide Web (WWW) was proposed 2 decades ago in March 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. It was written to persuade CERN that a global hypertext system was in CERN’s best interest. The […]

Hacking a RC car and controlling it with computer

I hope you got much concept about parallel port interfacing. Now lets get more complex.What do you think about controlling a Vehicle using your keyboard? or mouse?Today I am going to teach you step by step procedure to control a RC car using parallel port.Things you’ll need: RC car(Better if you buy Multi functional car)Circuit […]

What am I up to?

Nearly one month passed and I haven’t posted any good article. Finding good post in the internet and sharing them using one’s own blog is hard but it is also easy when you do it with proper concern. But to write your own article is most toughest job. In my blog I’ve mixed all the […]

Connecting Sybmian mobile to Internet through Computer

Yeap, its true that you can connect your symbian 60 mobile to internet via your broadband internet connection of your computer. It is made possible by a USB Bluetooth adapter, a router and a small symbian software which connects your computer to the internet. The router I am talking about is mRouter You just need […]

Using Google as free online dictionary

Problems finding good online dictionary website? Hmm. I think you must not forget Google. Google recently added a new feature that allow you to use google to find the meaning of any word. Google now does definitions. Preface your search term with “define:” and google will display appropriate definitions from multiple different sources. Below I […]

Hidden files not showing??

I was facing problem of not showing hidden files even I choose option to show it in the explorer. This problem started since I burrowed pendrive from my friend. This was actually caused by virus. I don’t know the specific virus but it is of course either visual basic script or and executable file.That actually […]

Capslock hacking batch code

You often chat and type while surfing arround net. What if your keyboard started being crazy and your mail isn’t opening even you’ve entered the correct passowrd. This simple few lines code enables and disables the capslock key randomly leading to type in capital and small letters repeatedly. Which reults wrong password and zigzag typing. […]