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Download Files directly to your web host server faster and easier

Needless to say that it’s a hectic job to download and upload a file from some website  to your hard drive and again upload and extract it to your server. Imagine how much time are you loosing in this process. But imagine how you can save your time by directly downloading it to your own web server. […]

Norton Internet Security 2011

Antivirus software is a must for every personal computer while using the internet. Generally the antivirus software provides protection against viruses, malwares, email spams etc. The Symantec Corporation has been providing its best in the antivirus software that it releases and the Norton Internet Security 2011 which is the latest. This antivirus software is not […]

8 Printer Tweaks That Will Save You Time and Money

Printing, scanning, and copying are easy tasks that can take an unnecessarily large amount of time. Many professionals spend a decent portion of their day over by the printer, simply waiting for their tasks to be completed, while they could be using their time in a more productive manner. However, printers not only require time, […]

Find cheap and reliable tools for your PC/Mac

Once you have a computer or the laptop then after installing the windows you just want to make it sure that your windows and your important data are safe or not. There are many antivirus and other hacking programs which can damage your important files in your computer and sometimes you have to install the […]

How to reset Nokia Lock Code without any software

There have been several tutorials and questions on internet that shows how to reset the security locking code of your Nokia Symbian Phones. But honestly speaking, non of the tutorial works. Because, most of them keeps talking about Master Code security code which really does not work in every phone. The technique behind Master code […]

Code and Decode Morse codes easily

You might have already heard about and seen Morse codes being used in many movies and stories. Morse code comprises of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones. The off and on are represented by dots and dashes, that means 0 and 1. Each roman character is a sequence of dots and dashes, […]

Track your image file even it has been modified in Web

With the rise of image thievery, it has bee more challenging and complicated task to get rid of image thievery. Even if it is copied, you might never notice it. No matter how hard you try to secure your image contents, even there are lots of software that can easily remove your watermarks. In the […]

Blogger Buzz Announced Blogger Stats

Blogger Buzz announced blogger stats in Dashboard. Blogger stats was first launched to Blogger in Draft back in July. Blogger Stats is a cool real-time stats service that’s fully integrated with Blogger; you don’t need to do anything to enable it for your blog. You can find the new Stats tab on your blog’s dashboard. […]

10 Best Torrent portal

You may be always searching for the best. There are plenty of alternatives for those BitTorrent users who are looking for the latest software, games, or movie release.Below I provide a random list of public torrent sites that are still open, but there are of course hundreds more sites I could have included. 1. KickassTorrents […]