Code and Decode Morse codes easily

You might have already heard about and seen Morse codes being used in many movies and stories. Morse code comprises of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones. The off and on are represented by dots and dashes, that means 0 and 1. Each roman character is a sequence of dots and dashes, with the shorter sequences assigned to the more frequently used letters in English – the letter ‘E’ represented by a single dot, and the letter ‘T’ by a single dash.

Practically, using morse code needs proper timing. You might like to see how morse code looks. Refer to the image below about the morse code index.

Though you don’t have any good knowledge about morse codes you can still code and decode morse codes. have been providing such decoding and coding facility for people who want to know and practice morse coding.
To code your sentence in to morse code do the following:
2. Type in your phrase in input box.
3. Check in Play Sound button to have morse code played in audio format and click on Translate to Morse Code. Make sure that you have Quick Time player installed in your PC. If you don’t have one then you can still download the MIDI file and listen to it for Windows Media Player.
There you go! The more code is ready for you in all the possible format.
If any body sends you such code you can still come and decode it.
To decode a morse code do the following:
1. First go to Qbit Morse Code Decoder.
2. Copy and paste the Morse code you’ve got in dotted and dashed form.
3. And click on Translate from Morse Code button.

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