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Selecting database using alternative methods in PHP

Most of the time we use mysql_select_db() to select a mysql database, the syntax is mysql_select_db( db_name, connection ); The above syntax results a boolean value, i.e. either true (1) or false(0). Alternatively, you can use MySQL command: USE database_name Let me show you how to use it with PHP. You can implement the above […]

8 Printer Tweaks That Will Save You Time and Money

Printing, scanning, and copying are easy tasks that can take an unnecessarily large amount of time. Many professionals spend a decent portion of their day over by the printer, simply waiting for their tasks to be completed, while they could be using their time in a more productive manner. However, printers not only require time, […]

Using Rainmeter desktop customization freeware for first time

I hope you already know about Rainmeter and I guess thats why you are here to know how to run Rainmeter for very first time. If you don’t know about Rainmeter then read this: Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows computer at home or work with skins: handy, […]

How to animate a button only from one image

Reducing the number of images to load in your website increases the loading speed of your website. This can be very good point for your web speed¬†optimization. For example, can you guess the number of images used in the Read more button below? Though it seems like two different images are being used to add […]

How to delete HTML tags by preserving contents using Dreamweaver

Striping a tag means removing a tag that encloses some object. For example, striping a ¬†<p> tags means that you are removing <p> </p> together. For instance, you may want to remove <p> tag with some attributes defined in it and say that it has been used in most part of your web site. Here […]

Create cool image icons for your e-mail address

A simple hyper link to your email address looks pretty ugly looking. It also makes your viewer to turn away from clicking on the link. But if those email hyper links were to be replaced by some cool and beautiful icon designs, then visitor will be happy to mail you or click on the link. With Email Icon Generator, you […]

Search your and friends Facebook history instantly

After successful creation of Youtube instant search engine, 20 year old Nour Syron, thought – why not Facebook instant search? Then as soon as he thought, he planned and finally created a successful version of Facebook Instant search that is amazingly impressive. Facebook Instant Search lets you search public posts, comments, pages, and events even […]

Increase your typing speed with Google Scribe

Google Scribe is a new project from Google labs that aids your text typing experience extremely simple, fas and accurate. This new project from Google labs actually provides auto-completion/suggestions as you type along any text input field for example, twitter, comment form, composing email, web chat etc. When you begin your typing with Google Scribe enabled, your browser […]

Download Facebook and Youtube videos without any tools

Ever charmed by a video that your friend shared, wish we could save it in our computer as we watch in the Facebook or Youtube site itself. There are many websites that provides tools to download Youtube and Facebook videos by converting the video link to download link. If you have already viewed the full […]