Create cool image icons for your e-mail address

A simple hyper link to your email address looks pretty ugly looking. It also makes your viewer to turn away from clicking on the link. But if those email hyper links were to be replaced by some cool and beautiful icon designs, then visitor will be happy to mail you or click on the link.

With Email Icon Generator, you can easily create email icons according to your email service provider. They have wide support for major email services like Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, etc.
You don’t need to have any knowledge about image editing and photo tweaking softwares. Email icon generating is more than easy.

Go to Email Icon Generator homepage, and just type in your e-mail address and choose the email service provider from the list and click on Generate button.

And within a second, your email icon is read for you.
With the generated email icon, you can publish it anywhere with the URL they provides you. The good thing is, you don’t need to host it any where. Plus, you can save it in your hard drive for future use.
Make habit of using e-mail icons to attract your viewers.
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