Top 10 Free Software for Mac OS X

Usually, we think that anything available for free is cheap. But this not applicable for these 10 Free open source software dedicated to Mac OS X. With these free software installed in your Mac, you’ll never need to wish for any good softwares. The benefit of these software is that, it’s open source.

If you are a hardcore programmer, then you can easily tweak the software according to your need. Based on the usability, here are the top 10 must have open source software for your Mac OS X.

1. Web Browsing:

For web browsing puropose, we have the most popular browser, Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is open-source browser that supports tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, themes, and extensions. Considered by many to be the world’s best browser. This is equally popular in Windows based OS. Download it from here

2. Office and Doucments Processing:

Simple document processing software must be kept on side as always. And OpenOffice is one of the most popular Office software that is open source. OpenOffice has been widely used in Linux based computers and it also has been one of the most successful document editor in the world. Download it from here

3. Image editing:

Besides documents editing, you also need some image editing software to tweak and optimize your photographs. When talking about image editing softwares, Adobe Photoshop is always ahead. But, why not use the rival of Photoshop, GIMP? GIMP is one of the most popular image editing software that is available in Linux, Windows and in Mac OS X. It’s free and open source. There are more tools in GIMP than in Photoshop. Download it from here

4. PDF and eBook Reader Though there are many softwares for reading Portable Document Files, no one can beat the open-source softwares. Skim is yet another open source free PDF and eBook Reader that you’ll find playing major roles whlie reading eBooks. Download it from here
5. Video Player

Alternative to QuickTime, VLC is one of the most famous video player which have been widely used in Windows. And good to know that it’s also available free for Mac OS X.Download it from here

6. Windows Emulator

Bet that, there are more Windows supported softwares than Mac. On occasion, you may have desired to run specific Windows software on your Mac OS which is not really available for Mac OS X. In this case you can use one of the open source Windows Emulator, Q Emulator. It can run Windows programs on your Intel Mac at near native speed. It also works on G4 / G5 Macs, but much slower. Download it form here

7. Web Development Software

Again, Adobe Dreamweaver being one of the most popular Web developing software, it’s not free. Alternative to Dreamweaver, you can use WaveMaker to develop your dynamic and stunning websites easily. Download it from here

8. Instant Messaging

You might have been annoyed by using multiple messenger all the time. With Adium, you can access multiple accounts just from one process running in desktop. All the major Instant Messaging services like, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, Myspace are supported by Adium. Download it form here

9. Unzipper

If you usually download files from internet, then you’ll probably need one good and universal unzipper that can unzip any zipped files easily. In this case, no one can beat The Unarchiver, It can uncompress RAR, 7zip, tar, and bz2 files on your Mac. Many new Mac users will be puzzled the first time they download a RAR file. Do them a favor and download UnRarX for them! Download it here

10. Torrents

As everybody is talking about torrent, why not make it accessible in your Mac? Tomato Torrent is one of the Mac OS X based Bit Torrent client. Download it from here

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