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Find cheap and reliable tools for your PC/Mac

Once you have a computer or the laptop then after installing the windows you just want to make it sure that your windows and your important data are safe or not. There are many antivirus and other hacking programs which can damage your important files in your computer and sometimes you have to install the […]

Top 10 Free Software for Mac OS X

Usually, we think that anything available for free is cheap. But this not applicable for these 10 Free open source software dedicated to Mac OS X. With these free software installed in your Mac, you’ll never need to wish for any good softwares. The benefit of these software is that, it’s open source. If you […]

Download Internet Explorer 9 Today

Internet Explorer 9 is going to release it’s beta version today (September 15, 2010). Internet explorer 9 will support some of the demanding features like, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, canvas and several other technologies. Internet Explorer have been headache for many web designers and developers because of numerous flaws and lack of standardization of code rendering. […]

Try pinguy OS, Linux made for beginners and for ease of use

Ever wanted to play try Linux in your PC? But don’t want to be on hassle of setting those hard tweaks and confusing use in Ubuntu and other Linux versions? Then Pinguy OS can be good choice for you.Pinguy OS is an out-of-the-box working operating system for everyone. This OS is for people that have […]

Top four useful freeware media converters

Free WMA to MP3 ConverterFree WMA to MP3 Converter can convert Windows Media files to MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players. All Windows Media formats (*.wma, *.wmv, *.asf) are supported. The program is a freeware and does not contain any form of malwares and spywares. DOWNLOAD IT HERE Free Video to MP3 […]

Install PHP and MySQL server without any tweaks- just easy install

I’ve read a lots of post with a technique to install Apache Server. But all of them needed some tweaks making it harder to understand for basic and learning person like you. Therefore understanding such situation, I created this tutorial. In this tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to setup an Apache Server without modifying […]

Some useful second class third-party software

Here I have collected some useful softer for your PC. It may be important to you. You can download if you like these software.PhotoOnWeb Album Creator 0.8.6PhotoOnWeb Album Creator 0.8.6 is software to create your own photo album with digital pictures and host it on the internet. This software contains quick and easy creation and […]

Everest home edition- Your PC informer

EVEREST Home Edition is freeware system summary and the best solution of users. It is based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology.It includes online features, memory benchmarks, hardware monitoring, and low-level hardware information. We can get detailed information of I/O device, hardware storage and other source of PC.New features:– Advanced hardware monitor with OSD panel and […]

Convert your USB Flash drive to RAM for the better Performance

Your computer might me responding slow. You might not even have minimum requirements to run your OS. Your PC may be performing slower but you don’t want to loose the current OS and use older supported version. You don’t have budget to upgrade your system, especially your RAM. You might also be searching for better […]