Some useful second class third-party software

Here I have collected some useful softer for your PC. It may be important to you. You can download if you like these software.
PhotoOnWeb Album Creator 0.8.6

PhotoOnWeb Album Creator 0.8.6 is software to create your own photo album with digital pictures and host it on the internet. This software contains quick and easy creation and customization of the. You can choose various template and frame for your picture. Sort your photos in multiple albums, pick a template and click on the Publish button. PhotoOnWeb can resize the photos, builds the website and publishes it on the Internet. You can download it here:PhotoOnWeb Album Creator Download
CleanAfterMe 1.36

CleanAfterMe 1.36 programs which allows you to easily clear the files and registry entries are created automatically by Windows and other programs during normal operation of your computer. CleanAfterMe 1.36 the cookies, history, cache, passwords, Download history of Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox, the registry entries that record the last opened files, the Windows temporary folder, the event log, Trash, and many others. You can download this here:CleanAfterMe Download.

CDBurnerXP is an easy to use, free program for recording CDs. You can write to CD, DVD, Blue-Ray and HD-DVD discs. But that does not have all its options. The program works with ISO files, or record the contents of the disc in ISO format and converts image formats. A data discs, audio discs, drives and start could be directly copied from disk to another. You can download this software here: CDBurnerXP Download
MyAllMovies 1.0.2

MyAllMovies is a database program for making a list of your movies: DVD’s, VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, etc… Adding movies to the list is quick and easy because all movie details are downloaded from the internet. The result can be sorted, searched, grouped, exported to HTML and printed. It’s fast and easy to use. You can download it here: MyAllMovies Download.

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