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Watch your home live via Twitter and YouTube

With the latest version of Yoics for Windows, you can easily make any webcam into your own personal surveillance system, where videos are auto-uploaded to YouTube & a Twitter notification is sent out.  First of all Download  and install Yoics for Windows Once you’ve installed Yoics, select web/IP cam to go to the configuration menu. […]

Fujifilm launching 3-D consumer camera

While the television world haplessly attempts to figure out how to bring 3-D display technology to the home, Fujifilm is charging forward with the bold goal of bringing the third dimension to still camera photos. The only thing immediately and obviously curious about the company’s prototype point-and-shoot camera (pictured above) is the placement of a […]

Nokia E75

If we can think of one reason to take being told “to mind your own business” with a smile it would be the Nokia Eseries. A household name for enterprise users, it’s hardly a surprise that each E-series update is greeted with plenty of excitement. The Nokia E75 is no exception, even if it doesn’t […]

Nokia Aeon Advertised in Echelon Conspiracy Movie?

Yes it’s true, Nokia Aeon might be the handset that appears a couple of times in the new motion picture Echelon Conspiracy. In case you haven’t got the time and patience to watch the movie, we provide some shots from it, showing the mystery device and there’s even a trailer featuring the phone below. This […]

Nokia N97 Review

So, guess what Nokia came up with as a follow up for their Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touchscreen phone? The Nokia N97, a Google G1 phone look-alike that sports a 3.5 inch touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Here is a review by DesignThe Nokia N97 looks like a cross between a lot of different […]

Apple Mac mini review

Is the £649 Mac mini a wise buy? The Mac mini has had such a low profile of late that many pundits predicted it would be discontinued rather than updated, with the folks from Cupertino concentrating on the mighty iMac as an entry-level computer. Instead Apple gave the Mac mini range an overhaul, with faster […]