Nokia Aeon Advertised in Echelon Conspiracy Movie?

Yes it’s true, Nokia Aeon might be the handset that appears a couple of times in the new motion picture Echelon Conspiracy. In case you haven’t got the time and patience to watch the movie, we provide some shots from it, showing the mystery device and there’s even a trailer featuring the phone below.

This handset, known as GZT 650 resembles Nokia Aeon very much and its front side is divided into 2 segments, just like on the famous Nokia concept. The two segments are separated by a metallic stripe and the upper side of the display is transparent, like the keypad of the LG GD900 phone.

During Echelon Conspiracy there’s a scene where the device’s screen is shown and we can get a glimpse of its options: messaging, mail, search, calendar, a weather app, a browser, stocks and settings. Since Nokia 5800 XpressMusic surfaced in “The Dark Knight“, could GZT 650 be an upcoming Nokia touchscreen phone as well?

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