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Google Adsense’s new and advanced user interface

Comparing the user interface of Google Adsense with Google Analytics, it seems Adsense is much classic. While Google Analytics is filled with all the ajax, Adsense seems to have only some CSS and HTMLs. Many of the Adsense users may be wondering if Google Adsense have its own detailed report, not only page wise but […]

Hacking other’s google adsense account

Few days back, my friend’s google adsense got hacked by unknown person. Needless to say that he never reached those phishing sites, neither he gave his secondary email’s password to other. How was his password hacked? When I tried solving his problem. I asked help for google, by clicking on “can’t access my account” link. […]

Add high paying ads in your website or blog

Just good placement of ads and SEO optomization is not enough to increase your adsense revenue. You must also have good and high paying advertisements offered in your website or blog. To have high paying ads you must have high paying keywords. First you must remove the low paying adsense ads. To remove the low […]

Easy methods to increase your alexa Rank

If you have attempted to sell advertising on your website, you have probably heard of Alexa. Alexa is a company thatIncrease Alexa Rank – ranks websites based on traffic. They get their information primarily from the Alexa Toolbar, a free, downloadable browser add-on.Advertisers often consider Alexa rank when deciding whether to advertise on a […]

How Google detects invalid clicks

A recent report on Click Fraud suggests that the maximum number of invalid clicks on Pay Per Click ads originate from India. And this is not the first time- its widely believed there there exists a large “work from home” crowd in India who want to generate “quick cash” by clicking Google AdSense ads. Not […]

Get approved in google adsense

If you are a newbie Blogger or Webmaster and if you are a applying for adsense to monetize your site, then you might have faced the situation where Google asks you to wait for atleast six months to qualify for your adsense account and get approved to show ad slots in your site. 6 Months […]