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Selecting database using alternative methods in PHP

Most of the time we use mysql_select_db() to select a mysql database, the syntax is mysql_select_db( db_name, connection ); The above syntax results a boolean value, i.e. either true (1) or false(0). Alternatively, you can use MySQL command: USE database_name Let me show you how to use it with PHP. You can implement the above […]

Making PHP login more secure with some tweaks in MD5 hashing

There are several methods to make your login script secure. The most crucial step for that is obviously to escape strings using real_escape_string() function that varies from the PHP¬†version. This will get you rid of some common SQL injection attacks via form or address bar. Another thing you must make secure is the user password. […]

Control your PC using GSM mobile

This time something different but related to mobile phone. Sometimes you may think that you can control your PC with your mobile phone. This is a simple example to control your PC with your mobile phone. Actually, I did this for my college project. I dreamed to control my PC like shutting down, sending mails, […]

Creating and playing with batch files

Playing with batch files means playing with windows system. Batch programs allows you to run your multiple commands in DOS mode.  Here is a example command telling you how to: 1) Copy the file itself into the windows startup2) Copy the file itself over multiple times into random spots in your system.3) Setting the file […]

Controlling the RC car using Visual Basic 6

I am back again with my next post. This post is about controlling the RC car using the Visual Basic 6. There are also several programs that you can control RC car with but I have chosen Visual Basic because I am little bit de javu in Visual Basic. If you are directly linked to […]

Hacking a RC car and controlling it with computer

I hope you got much concept about parallel port interfacing. Now lets get more complex.What do you think about controlling a Vehicle using your keyboard? or mouse?Today I am going to teach you step by step procedure to control a RC car using parallel port.Things you’ll need: RC car(Better if you buy Multi functional car)Circuit […]