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How to change your Facebook Upload Email Address – account hacked

You have many “likes” in your Facebook wall post, haven’t you? But what will you do when your friend’s complains about your non-sense links in your wall post? Refer to the image below which I’ve encountered just few hours ago. The above image excerpt is from my profile page where it says, ” I just […]

Search your and friends Facebook history instantly

After successful creation of Youtube instant search engine, 20 year old Nour Syron, thought – why not Facebook instant search? Then as soon as he thought, he planned and finally created a successful version of Facebook Instant search that is amazingly impressive. Facebook Instant Search lets you search public posts, comments, pages, and events even […]

Facebook will no longer support Profile boxes profile page

Facebook started to aware Facebook users to bookmark their Facebook profile box applications in Facebook profile homepage. Profile Boxes are the third-party applications that are featured in boxes on your profile, look at the image at the left. Facebook is actually removing only third-party application oriented profile boxes. But they’ve no alternative except than bookmarking the application […]

Facebook banned domains

Because of excessive use of abusive contents in free domains like, Facebook has banned these domains. Upon posting a comment with, Facebook reports error message. Not only in comments, is banned in all of the service provided by Facebook. For example, one of the plugin by Facebook, Like button does not work, it […]

Update your Blog using Facebook for Any Blog Service

Yesterday, one of my visitor mailed me this: Hey, I am your daily visitor. I was just looking around if you can post a tutorial about updating any blog using Facebook. I need it badly, if updating blog from facebook is really possible then please post it as soon as possible. And today, I have […]

Facebook Updated it’s privacy policy settings

Facebook again has updated it’s privacy policy settings. They’ve built one simple control to set who can see the content you post. In a couple of clicks, you can set the content you’ve posted to be open to everyone, friends of your friends or just your friends. This control will also apply to settings in new […]

Google & Facebook launches URL shortner: &

Google has just launched, the official Google URL shortener of the world’s largest search engine. The Google Toolbar and the FeedBurner syndication service now utilize for link sharing. People share a lot of links online. This is particularly true as microblogging services such as Twitter have grown in popularity. If you’re not familiar […]

Facebook Removing Regional networks completely

Facebook now have crossed more than 350 million people around the world who shares their lives online. In an Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, he declared to remove regional networks completely. Previously several communities could add networks for companies and regions as well and they even have networks for some entire countries, like […]

Download your Facebook album within a minute

Think of albums that have been uploaded by your friends, family or colleagues. It is possible to manually download individual photos from Facebook.. But.. ever wondered if you download whole the album of your Facebook Account? Here is a nice application which can help you download them easily. Visit this Firefox plugin page and […]