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Find cheap and reliable tools for your PC/Mac

Once you have a computer or the laptop then after installing the windows you just want to make it sure that your windows and your important data are safe or not. There are many antivirus and other hacking programs which can damage your important files in your computer and sometimes you have to install the […]

Dramatically destruct your files to get assignment excuses

It’s always not possible to complete your assignment on time. Your professor will mark the dead line of the assignment submission within a week. But you don’t make yourself totally busy with assignment, do you? Except than homeworks, you need some time to play, enjoy, entertain yourself and play video games, surfing internet right? Oh! talking about video games […]

Code and Decode Morse codes easily

You might have already heard about and seen Morse codes being used in many movies and stories. Morse code comprises of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones. The off and on are represented by dots and dashes, that means 0 and 1. Each roman character is a sequence of dots and dashes, […]

Email address shortener for Twitter and Facebook

You might have heard about URL shortener, but have you ever heard about email shortener? Leaving your email as plain text in forums, on Twitter or on other sites makes you an easy spam target. Spam robots and email harvesters constantly browse these sites to collect new victim’s emails. To get rid of public spam, […]

Cut MP3 Files Online

There are several MP3 Splitter tools that helps you to cut your MP3 Files according to your need. Search in Google itself, you’ll find large list of such free mp3 splitter tools. But have you ever wished for such online tools that access your local files, edits your local mp3 files and splits it locally? […]

Bad things about Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 was released 2 days ago in September 15 2010. There have been lots of reviews about the Internet Explorer 9. There are lots of good features added in Internet Explorer 9. The Developers Tools is very useful and the design is pleasing to eyes. But I am not […]

Download Internet Explorer 9 Today

Internet Explorer 9 is going to release it’s beta version today (September 15, 2010). Internet explorer 9 will support some of the demanding features like, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, canvas and several other technologies. Internet Explorer have been headache for many web designers and developers because of numerous flaws and lack of standardization of code rendering. […]

Google’s Instant result about FIFA World Cup

Google has always been mysterious. In this Football Festival, Google supports instant result about FIFA world cup results, highlights and time schedule in your local time. When you search for “FIFA World Cup “ (without quotes) in Google, it will instantly list the results with systematic table about the previous match and upcomming match, along […]

Creating your own WordPress like blog using PHP & MySQL- Basic

Today in my blockbuster tutorial, I am going to teach you how to create your own dynamic (Content management system) blog website. Before beginning, let me tell you the basic skills  you’ll need: CSS JavaScript (optional) PHP MySQL HTML Let’s categorize the jobs to be done to make perfect, or at least, good CMS. Basic […]