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What Is Visual Basic and Why do I need it?

Visual Basic is Easy to learn Programming language.With Visual Basic you can develop Windows based applications and games.Visual Basic is much more easier to learn than other language (like Visual C++),and yet it’s powerful programming language. Visual Basic suit more for application developing than for Games developing.You can create sophisticated games using Visual Basic, ButIf […]

Top 7 Worst Websites of Nepal- Review by Navin

This article is purely based upon my[Navin’s –] research and hereby want to clarify there is no egoism and vengeance involved. I read other hundreds of links to confirm and support my verdict on the ‘Top 7 Worst Websites in Nepal’. Anyone affiliated with the following websites should take it as a measure of […]

The new 13 inch MacBook

Completely redesigned inside and out, with up to five times the graphics power in a precision aluminium unibody enclosure.Do everything faster.With a first-of-its-kind integrated graphics processor that delivers up to five times the performance in half the size, MacBook changes the game-and just about everything else you do on a notebook. The new MacBook makes […]

Connecting Sybmian mobile to Internet through Computer

Yeap, its true that you can connect your symbian 60 mobile to internet via your broadband internet connection of your computer. It is made possible by a USB Bluetooth adapter, a router and a small symbian software which connects your computer to the internet. The router I am talking about is mRouter You just need […]

Deleting saved passwords in Internet Explorer

Mistakenly I pressed yes button in public computer when it asked me to save password for the current user or not. I almost panicked, because I had all the data and information hidden only by that password. Then I bravely clicked on Tools menu of Internet explorer and I finally reset all the saved passwords. […]

Free Airtel GPRS

Using TeaShark on mobile, you can access FREE Airtel GPRS from mobile handset. Also using some more complex methods, as posted in comments you can access FREE Airtel GPRS via PC also.See another post of mine regarding Teashark , and also to download teashark. you will it at mobile hacking labels, written as your rightside […]

Expandable post in blogger

This is now pretty old tweak,  but with this hack, you can choose to display a select amount of text from the beginning of each post as a teaser instead of showing the entire post on the front page of your blog. Then when people want to read the rest of the post, they can […]

Using Google as free online dictionary

Problems finding good online dictionary website? Hmm. I think you must not forget Google. Google recently added a new feature that allow you to use google to find the meaning of any word. Google now does definitions. Preface your search term with “define:” and google will display appropriate definitions from multiple different sources. Below I […]

How to: visit password-protected websites without registering

We all know how annoying it is when we search Google for something and the result we are looking for leads to a password protected forum or site. You have to register to view content, but who likes doing that? Fortunately there is a solution to save your time and email account from spam – […]