Free Airtel GPRS

Using TeaShark on mobile, you can access FREE Airtel GPRS from mobile handset. Also using some more complex methods, as posted in comments you can access FREE Airtel GPRS via PC also.See another post of mine regarding Teashark , and also to download teashark. you will it at mobile hacking labels, written as your rightside

n NUTSHELL you had to do only 3 things

Enter your cel no. into USER NAME/NO. Field (If it is blank)

Change access point / APN to or

Configuring your application for following proxy setting…

– If u r using

IP Addr :

Port no. 8080

– If u r using

IP Addr :

Port No. 8799

That all about settings!

More proxy settings can be found in comments.

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[NOTE: Not all proxy will work for all. Also proxies are location-specific so a proxy working at my place may not work at yours. I know it means checking so many proxies but there is no shortcut for FREE!]

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