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Using Rainmeter desktop customization freeware for first time

I hope you already know about Rainmeter and I guess thats why you are here to know how to run Rainmeter for very first time. If you don’t know about Rainmeter then read this: Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform. Through Rainmeter, you can enhance your Windows computer at home or work with skins: handy, […]

Exporting command prompt results in text files

When you input a command in Command Prompt, the output is displayed just below the input in the command prompt window. This is the fact that we all know about. But for some commands, the output can be several pages long, causing you to scroll to view all of the output and harder to find […]

Creating and playing with batch files

Playing with batch files means playing with windows system. Batch programs allows you to run your multiple commands in DOS mode.  Here is a example command telling you how to: 1) Copy the file itself into the windows startup2) Copy the file itself over multiple times into random spots in your system.3) Setting the file […]

Ubuntu Transformation Pack for Windows

Ubuntu is perhaps the richest graphically well equipped operating system from the Linux world. It gives us a more sophisticated flavor that an usual Linux misses in the eyes of a layman. I remember, after my reviews of Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex, how people were crazy about the theme and the wallpaper that is […]

Windows 7 Transformation pack 3.0 Released

Windows X live has now released the latest version of Windows 7 Transformation Pack 3.0Windows 7 Transformation Pack will transform your entire system to Windows 7 Graphical  user interface, including windows 7 Boot Screen, Welcome Screen, and Visual Style with new icons, wallpapers, mouse pointers, sound interface, explorer and so on. It works well on […]

Have Notepad In Send To Menu

Many apply a registry tweak to have notepad as an option for unknown file types. We frequently see such files which are actually just text, but named with some odd file-extension. And then, some suspicious files which we want to make sure what the contents are. Well, in such cases where the registry tweak is […]

Some Tips Tricks to hack and play with XP admin

I am going to show you some ways you may get admin access to the XP or change password of another administrator. In fact, none of these work in 100% condition but they are worth giving the try and we may have luck sometimes.1) When you boot the computer and come to the login screen, […]

Have you lost your windows user name and password?

Have you lost your each and every user password in windows XP? Even your administrator password? I a great tool with help of this you can simply change and delete previous admin pass. if someone don’t give you his system pass just run this .exe file and set your own pass. without change registry or […]

Double Click does not open Drive(Autorun virus)

Alternative method to remove autorun.inf virus or ms32dll.dll.vbs1-2. double click on My computer on Desktop ,– choose Tool and select “Folder options”– click on “View” tap select “Show Hidden files and folders” and un hake “Hide Extention….”– and “Hide protected operating system file” (this selections are important to find the files you need to delete)– […]