Ubuntu Transformation Pack for Windows

ubuntu in windowsUbuntu is perhaps the richest graphically well equipped operating system from the Linux world. It gives us a more sophisticated flavor that an usual Linux misses in the eyes of a layman. I remember, after my reviews of Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex, how people were crazy about the theme and the wallpaper that is by default there. So how about getting an Ubuntu feel without having to install ubuntu? I will give you a transformation pack that will install ubuntu like theme in your Windows XP.

Ubuntu Customization Pack contains the visual styles for Ubuntu, Cursors, Boot Screen, LogonUI, Screensaver, custom sounds and much more utilities for Ubuntu feel on your windows X.

Download Ubuntu Transformation Pack from the links below:

Download Ubuntu Customization Pack for Windows XP (21 MB)
Download Ubuntu Transformation Pack for Windows (10 MB)

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