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Download Files directly to your web host server faster and easier

Needless to say that it’s a hectic job to download and upload a file from some website  to your hard drive and again upload and extract it to your server. Imagine how much time are you loosing in this process. But imagine how you can save your time by directly downloading it to your own web server. […]

saaZine Magazine WordPress theme Giveaway

A month ago we launched saaZine Magazine theme for WordPress. The price for the premium template was $32. But now we are giving it free for limited number of our blog visitors. To know more about saaZine magazine read it here. Hurry up comment here and request for saaZine Magazine Template with your email address. […]

How to access WordPress Database Away from WordPress Root

WordPress by defauly supports globally announcing $wpdb to access the WordPress. But in case you are away from the WordPress root you’ll need to redefine the database information to access WordPress. Again after accessing the database you may need to redefine the database prefix, which will really eat your time and dynamic ability of your […]

How to install Feedburner BuzzBoost in your blog or website

BuzzBoost is another service provided by Feedburner to publicize your feed contents. You can cross-promote the content of your feed in any place where you can display HTML. For example, you can display the latest headlines from your blog on your website, podcast site, or on your friend’s site. Talking towards the technical thingy, BuzzBoost […]

10 Good Reasons to choose Blogger over WordPress

There are many people who claims WordPress Blogs are better than Blogger Blog. The main reason behind this is it’s flexibility and capability. There are several posts in internet who share discouraging thoughts about Google Blogger. Read these 10 good things you can know about Google Blogger. 1. Owned by IT’s Leading Company, Google Blogger was in […]

How to manually setup WordPress Blog for beginners

I saw someone in Yahoo Answers asking help for setting up WordPress Blog. He downloaded the latest version of WordPress from Then he was having problem with configuration. This article is totally focused for those who are new in wordpress blogging. Let me guide you in easy steps to set-up your wordpress blog. First, […]

Get the larger image from Gravatar image icon

Globally Recognized Avatar, Gravatar, has been widely used in blogs, especially in WordPress blogs. Gravatar can bee seen in action in most of the WordPress blogs, forums and websites. Displaying a Gravatar for a user of your forums or website is as simple as appending the MD5 hash of their registered email address to the […]

Announcing WordPress Thesis Blogussion for Blogger

Due to high demand of WordPress Thesis templates, I thought of converting some popular WordPress Thesis template in to blogger. After five hours of continuous work, finally I have converted WordPress Thesis Blogussion to Blogger. Blogussion for Blogspot Blogger is exact clone of Blogussion Template for WordPress. Blogussion for Blogger is exactly similar to the […]

Update your Blog using Facebook for Any Blog Service

Yesterday, one of my visitor mailed me this: Hey, I am your daily visitor. I was just looking around if you can post a tutorial about updating any blog using Facebook. I need it badly, if updating blog from facebook is really possible then please post it as soon as possible. And today, I have […]