10 Good Reasons to choose Blogger over WordPress

There are many people who claims WordPress Blogs are better than Blogger Blog. The main reason behind this is it’s flexibility and capability.

There are several posts in internet who share discouraging thoughts about Google Blogger.

Read these 10 good things you can know about Google Blogger.

1. Owned by IT’s Leading Company, Google

Blogger was in fact, first introduced by Pyra Labs in 1999. Later Google purchased it with full ownership. Since then, Google has been looking towards the management and backend of Blogger Blogs. Every thing you have in your Blog is from Google.

While, WordPress is an open source CMS, widely used in Blogging. Unlike WordPress, Google Blogger has been made only for Blogging purpose.

2. Cheap

Sure it is cheap because you don’t need to search for any good web hosting company, Google has enough webspace and bandwidth to allocate your blog in their server. Except than the free subdomain on blogspot.com, you can also purchase your own domain which costs not more than $10.

When you use a WordPress website with custom domain, a separate web host is necessary. But, if you aren’t hosting your blog in dedicated server, then you are in danger. Note that dedicated web hosts are not that cheap.

2. Eco-Friendly

Hosting a website requires power source and energy to keep the web server up. For the same purpose, there are thousands of web server polluting the environment.

Google has been using all the measures to make their organization eco-friendly. We cannot say about others except some web hosting companies like Green Hosts.

3. Safe

Google is almost 99.99% hack proof. They can guarantee you that any website hosted in them cannot be hacked until and unless you leak your login information.

If you host your blog in any other web hosting company, there may be chance of getting hacked to your Blog or database. There are several predators who are hungry for hacking MySQL databases without any reasons.

4. No need to worry about updating your Blog platform

Whenever WordPress upgrades it’s backend with new feature, you’ll have to upgrade to new version manually. But in Blogger you don’t have to worry about that, new features will be available to your dashboard as soon as they are released.

5. Easy for Template designers to design the blog template.

For designers WordPress requires more than one page design, i.e  for Home page, Post page, Archives page, custom page etc. While in Google Blogger, single web page is enough. In case if you want separate design then you can use conditional tags to change the template.

I’ve coded both WordPress and Blogger templates and I can complete Blogger Blog templates within 4 hours, while in WordPress it needs more time to manage it.

Ever wanted to have WordPress Thesis theme features in your Blogger blog? You don’t need to call Thesis experts, as Blogger have such features from the time they’ve owned it. Even now the template designer has been upgraded with more customizable features.

6. No worries even if your domain expires

Even if your custom domain expires, you can instantly switch back to free subdomain of blogspot. Where this is not possible for new Bloggers.

7. Integrated Login with Your Google Account

Like I said before, Blogger being Google’s product, all of the Google applications and products can be easily integrated to your Blog. Many of the useful features for a website are offered by Google, including AdSense, AdWords, and Webmaster tools for Google indexing. Instead of adding code into your templates, something that can quickly become confusing and result in broken websites, Blogger allows you to simply click a button and integrate these tool to your blog.

8. Easy SEO and Faster Indexing

As soon as you publish your article from Blogger Blog, Google instantly reacts! Your Blog posts are easily indexed in their search engine. Moreover, Google is one of the leading search engine and Blogger is one of the service provided by them.

9. Multiple Accounts

Though, multiple user accounts are available, I bet that WordPress doesn’t have multiple blogs available from single installation, do they? Even if they have you’ll have to do lots of tweaks in redirecting and linking to the inclusive files which are probably not for beginners. But with Blogger, you can have unlimited number of Blog accounts from one Google Account. You can run multiple Blogs at once. The setup process for new blog is very easy that a child can do it.

10. Ease of use

Installing Blogger is child’s game you don’t have to hassle on setting up database, securing the configuration files, etc.

Ultimately, Blogger is an ideal solution for anyone who is just starting their first blog. It is also a great platform for those who are serious about blogging, but do not want to hire a technician to set them up and make regular adjustments to their blog. It is easy to use, quick to start, and offers a host of features that the free WordPress blog and its other competitors do not.

But, If you want to go in depth of the source codes then, definitely Blogger is not for you. Because of WordPress’s flexibility, it is being used by majority of professional Bloggers. But Blogger is still best for basic blog starter.

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