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Selecting database using alternative methods in PHP

Most of the time we use mysql_select_db() to select a mysql database, the syntax is mysql_select_db( db_name, connection ); The above syntax results a boolean value, i.e. either true (1) or false(0). Alternatively, you can use MySQL command: USE database_name Let me show you how to use it with PHP. You can implement the above […]

Making PHP login more secure with some tweaks in MD5 hashing

There are several methods to make your login script secure. The most crucial step for that is obviously to escape strings using real_escape_string() function that varies from the PHP version. This will get you rid of some common SQL injection attacks via form or address bar. Another thing you must make secure is the user password. […]

Automatic updating jQuery Content Slider for Blogger

Let me introduce you to a very new technique to show slideshow of your recent posts in Blogger blogs. With this tweak applied, you no longer need to edit your widget HTML codes more than once. This jQuery content slider uses my small jQuery content slider technique which I posted in my previous post. First look at […]

How to resize java games and play it in fullscreen on your cell.

You may be wondering, how to play those java games which are either very big or small for your mobile phone’s screen resolution. We happily present you a simple hack and tweak to re-size according to your cell screen resolution. Say you have downloaded pinball.jar in your computer. Now all you have to do is […]

Get Ngage 2.0 Working On Any Symbian 60 v3

I am so much thankful to ketya4u for this wonderful article. Part 1- Hacking Your Phone Pre-FP1 devices:Nokia N73Nokia N77Nokia E61iNokia E65Nokia N93iNokia N91 8GBNokia E62Nokia E50Nokia 5500Nokia N93Nokia N75Nokia N80Nokia N71Nokia N92Nokia E70Nokia E60Nokia E61Nokia 3250 FP1 devices:Nokia N95Nokia 6124 classicNokia N82Nokia E51Nokia N95 8GBNokia N81Nokia N81 8GBNokia 6121 classicNokia 6120 classicNokia 5700 XpressMusicNokia […]

Hacking and crashing website using IP

Your friend or your enemy has made a little shitty website for whatever maybe a private server or anything.. And your feeling devious and want to crash it TOOLS:Port Scanner rDos HotSpotSheild Proxy! Step One: First we need to find the websites IP Adress. This is very easy todo. Ok so say they URL is […]

Photos Disappearing due to a Bug in iPhone OS 3.0?

Based on this Apple Discussions thread, it looks like there is a bug in iPhone OS 3.0, it is not a critical bug but an annoying one. Users are complaining that photos taken using iPhone’s camera can’t be accessed from the built-in Photo app or can’t be seen in iPhone’s camera roll, they seem to […]

Removing Autorun.inf/Autorun.ini virus manually

Please note that I’ve already posted this thing but it was only few steps.. Now I want you to apply several methods to remove the autorun.inf or autorun.ini virus.METHOD IYou can easily remove the VB script viruses like MS32DLL.dll.vbs and others which works with the aid of autorun.inf in your harddrive. This virus is mostly […]

Deleting undeletable file(s)

Open a Command Prompt window and leave it open.Close all open programs.Click Start, Run and enter TASKMGR.EXEGo to the Processes tab and End Process on Explorer.exe.Leave Task Manager open.Go back to the Command Prompt window and change to the directory the AVI (or other undeletable file) is located in.At the command prompt type DEL where […]