How to resize java games and play it in fullscreen on your cell.

You may be wondering, how to play those java games which are either very big or small for your mobile phone’s screen resolution. We happily present you a simple hack and tweak to re-size according to your cell screen resolution.

Say you have downloaded pinball.jar in your computer. Now all you have to do is extract it with 7zip, win-Rar or any file extractor. Now in the extracted folder, go to MANIFEST folder and extract the file (every java file contains manifest folder and file).

Open file with notepad. Copy and paste the following code:


In the Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: enter the java game’s original rezolution

And in the Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: enter the desired screen rezolution that you want

For example:


In Nokia N82 it’s 176×208 resolution:

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208

Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 240,320

for Nokia N95 with 176×208 rez:

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208

Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 352,416

Now Go to the same jar game and open it again with winrar go to MANIFEST folder then delete file and then add the to the archive in the same folder. And then you are done. Now move the game to your mobile phone and enjoy.

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