Useful Plugins and add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Here are some useful add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox.

1.)Adblock Plus
2.)Firefox Showcase
3.)Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
4.)CookieCuller Extended Cookie Manager
5.)CustomizeGoogle Enhance Google search results by adding or removing information
Automatically synchronize multiple computers
6.)Fullerscreen Truly full screen

7.)GButts Display all of your Google Services as buttons
8.)GMail Manager
9.)McAfee SiteAdvisor
10.)Restart Firefox
11.)Screengrab! Captures entire web pages no matter how long they are
12.)Session Manager Saves and restores the state of all windows/tabs
14.)Tab Mix Plus
15.)Toolbar Buttons There are now 95 buttons for Firefox, 58 for Thunderbird, and 26 for Sunbird
18.)Google Bookmarks Button
19.)IE Tab
20.)Yahoo! Mail Notifier
21.)Page hacker 1.2
22.)Find in Frame Hack

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