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Selecting database using alternative methods in PHP

Most of the time we use mysql_select_db() to select a mysql database, the syntax is mysql_select_db( db_name, connection ); The above syntax results a boolean value, i.e. either true (1) or false(0). Alternatively, you can use MySQL command: USE database_name Let me show you how to use it with PHP. You can implement the above […]

Get the larger image from Gravatar image icon

Globally Recognized Avatar, Gravatar, has been widely used in blogs, especially in WordPress blogs. Gravatar can bee seen in action in most of the WordPress blogs, forums and websites. Displaying a Gravatar for a user of your forums or website is as simple as appending the MD5 hash of their registered email address to the […]

Solution to WordPress Page navigation showing same list of posts

Do you have questions some what similar to below: I have my blog setup so that 10 posts show per page but when I click on next page, the same 10 posts appear. How do I get it to show my older posts? The page navigation most of the time does not work in customized […]

Have about author widget like in WordPress | Blogger Hack

Unlike WordPress, Blogger does not support plugins and as a result you can have extra customization of your blog. There are several plugins that delivers specific contents and widgets for wordpress but we are not allowed it in Google. But Blogger is highly customizable. If you are a group of authors working on a blogger […]

Enter Unicode characters in MySQL

PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 supports UTF-8 natively (without special compilation options) . However one must take care if the data is stored properly and can be viewed properly. In this tutorial, I am going to guide you to input unicode characters and fetch it out in MySQL 4.1+ version using PHP 5. MySQL has […]

The websie that was hacked more than 2 million times

The website of China’s defense ministry has been hacked more than two million times since it was launched three months ago. From the very first day the national defense ministry website went online, it has been receiving a large number of uninterrupted access. “In the first month of operations there were more than 2.3 million […]

Download files easily from Megaupload: bypassing those Captcha and Timer

If you are a normal use then if you are downloading files from Megaupload you have to pass through two “protections”. The first is a captcha while the second is a countdown timer. This means that users need to enter a captcha code whenever they want to download a file from the file hosting website. […]

How to get the IP address using MSN/Yahoo/Pidgin messenger

Usually we need IP address to track website visitors and get information about the computer. Besides these, we also need IP address to do something nasty. I see my blog being searched for “How to find IP address using MSN or Yahoo messenger” that’s why i’ve posted a useful article for the visitors like you. […]

Is your website hacked? Removing virus from your website

Have your website ever been redirected to antivirus scanning website? Or Google marks your site as venerable site? Few weeks ago, my website got infected with this redirection problem. I was promptly redirected to antivirsu scanning website when I visited my site. I checked out my index.php for any velenarbilities but I found nothing. I […]