The websie that was hacked more than 2 million times

The website of China’s defense ministry has been hacked more than two million times since it was launched three months ago. From the very first day the national defense ministry website went online, it has been receiving a large number of uninterrupted access.

“In the first month of operations there were more than 2.3 million hack attacks.”

The agent from the website said that the attacks either tried to infiltrate the website in search of military secrets, or sought to disrupt the website operations.

The ministry launched the website — including an English version — on August 20 as part of a charm offensive aimed at countering foreign fears about China’s robust military modernization efforts.

The site includes news reports, official photos and videos, facts and figures about the military, and explanations of the country’s national defense policies. China’s Great Wall features in the logo.

Hits on the English version of the website mostly came from the United States, Australia and Britain, they said, while US web users logged the most overseas hits on the Chinese-language site.

But they did not say whether the attacks were launched from inside or outside China, but the assaults were largely ineffective due to website security and safeguard measures.

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