Converting WordPress Template to Blogger Template

Needless to say, WordPress has the better blogging platform than Blogger. However for the beginners like me, Blogger can be the best platform to experience much about blogging and template designing. That is why I am attached with Blogger and yet to learn so much about the secrets of Blogger.

Hundreds and thousands of layouts can be found on internet for both of the blogging platform. However it is seen that WordPress has best templates than Blogger that is why most of the wordpress theme are demanded to convert in Blogger.

Converting WordPress Template to Blogger Template is neither easy nor hard. It is all by the magic of CSS and few html that makes it XHTML.

I converted WordPress Max template to Blogger Template within two days. And this is the result, my own unique blogger template. I can add widgets and design it however I like. I can further add Jquery effects.

May be you are desiring specific wordpress template to be converted in to Blogger but don’t know how to. May be I can help you, if you give me some credit.

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