Google Dashboard makes easy to manage your Google products

Recently Google launched a new tool called Google Dashboard for those people who have owned any service from Google. Till date, Google Dashboard was limited only to Google Staffs. This new tool tells you about your data and information scattered all over the Google apps.

The Google Dashboard aggregates all of a user’s Google service accounts – for sites such as Blogger, Picasa, Google Analytics, Alerts, Contacts, Docs, Friend Connect, Gmail, Product search, Google Reader, etc in to a single interface, providing one-click access to privacy settings and account-management tools for each service. The Google Dashboard gives one-click access to a number of Google products and services that you own, including recent search history, sent and received emails, and attachments and chat conversations in Gmail.

Dashboard also let you delete and manage all the information related, clear history, change personal information, cache etc etc. There are more functions on dashboard and you really need to be there to get the clue about it.

Besides, some of the products like, FeedBurner, Google Adsense, Groups, Page Creator, Webmaster tools, Web Optimizer, etc are not yet available in this dashboard.

Now it’s important for people to be aware of what data they have online and to be able to manage that data. And also that, Google knows every thing about you and your privacy.

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