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How to access WordPress Database Away from WordPress Root

WordPress by defauly supports globally announcing $wpdb to access the WordPress. But in case you are away from the WordPress root you’ll need to redefine the database information to access WordPress. Again after accessing the database you may need to redefine the database prefix, which will really eat your time and dynamic ability of your […]

Creating awesome jQuery menu for your website or blog

Interactive animations makes your website much user friendly and enjoyable. Previously flash used to be the only means of animated interactive contents. Now with release of AJAX and minimized javascript library, JQuery, we are able to create interactive pages without the need of flash. This time, I am here to present you the jQuery technique […]

Background position plugin for jQuery

I am again up with short but new article. That is about jQuery’s plugin, Background position plugin. jQuery is a great library for this type of task but out of the box, it can’t animate background position properly because of the need to animate two values instead of just one (too bad not all browsers […]

Basic tutorial to interact between MySQL and PHP

 MySQL database is most popular database used in internet. Today I am going to show you how to create a mySQL database using PHP script. To create a new database, we’ll be using the following syntax here; CREATE DATABASE database_name But, we must use the mysql_query() function to execute the above command. This mysql_query() function is used to […]

Install PHP and MySQL server without any tweaks- just easy install

I’ve read a lots of post with a technique to install Apache Server. But all of them needed some tweaks making it harder to understand for basic and learning person like you. Therefore understanding such situation, I created this tutorial. In this tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to setup an Apache Server without modifying […]

Live demo of CSS and jQuery based tool tips

Here is a live demo of CSS and jQuery tool tips. HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER HERE TO VIEW HOW TOOL TIPS WORKS Hope it worked for you. If you liked it please comment about it.

Awesome jQuery navigation demo

Navigation using jQuery Demo: Home About Contact