Install PHP and MySQL server without any tweaks- just easy install

I’ve read a lots of post with a technique to install Apache Server. But all of them needed some tweaks making it harder to understand for basic and learning person like you.
Therefore understanding such situation, I created this tutorial. In this tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to setup an Apache Server without modifying anything. Let’s begin with the tutorial.
Before we begin with the tutorial let me tell you the things and software you’ll need:
PHP Traid (Download it)
MySQL (Download it)
OK now you’ve downloaded the required softwares let’s install it.
First install PHP Triad, installing PHP Triad is easy, just agree with the terms and conditions and it will start extracting files to systemroot.
After the extraction is complete close the window by clicking on CLOSE button.
Now time for MySQL.
Install it as you install other softwares.
But choose the installation directory where you’ve PHP  Triad installed.
Now after the installation is ready.
Go to C:\apache
Double click on Apache (icon with pink feather)
Now your apache server is running.
Go to mysql folder located inside apache folder and copy “my” file to C: drive.
Now open your browser and type http://localhost/ or type
If you see the screen like below then you’ve successfully setup MySQL server on your windows.
Where to upload my PHP scripts and HTML documents?
Go to C:/apache
You’ll see Htdocs folder. This is the folder where you are going to upload your web programs. Just paste your documents there and it will be accessible through http://localhost/%5bpagename.html]
Any subfolder like “contents” will create a sub pages.
Hope this tutorial helped you a lot.
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