Better Image Uploading in Blogger

Google keeps testing and tweaking their application. May it be youtube or webmaster tools, Gmail or Google Reader the Google Team is always trying to make their tools more friendly and more fantastic.

Google’s popular application, Blogger is now testing more advanced image posting feature for their blog users. One can see on test widgets by Blogger which are in beta mode at Blogger in Draft.

They’ve added a couple of image upload improvements and user interface changes to the editor on Blogger In Draft.

The ‘Insert image’ and ‘Insert Video’ buttons have now a new look in the new editor’s toolbar.

In addition, the ‘Insert image’ dialog now lets you choose the destination album for your image in Picasa Web Albums.

You can easily choose from photos you’ve already uploaded to Picasa. That makes the blog posting easier.

This feature is still in beta mode, and wants more comments about this new UI.

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