"Blogger Blogspot Shutting Down"

Who might have imagined that Geocities will shutdown. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Blogger created hundreds of thousands of bloggers in this world. Blogger is the beginner’s platform for blogging. WordPress is regarded better than Blogger. But if Blogger.com is shutting down then that will be the great loss in the history of Internet. Blogger.com, that used to be of Pyra Labs till 2003 once upgraded it’s server from donations. This might sound unbelievable the amount of money Google (who owns Blogger.com) pulls in every year. Thank god Blogger.com is now in stable hands of Google Inc.

Blogger.com has so  many features like unlimited bandwidth, lot of templates, multi-image uploading,etc. and that is all for free.

Many of us might be unknown about the history of Blogger.com

Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs as one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools on 1999 August 23.

Blogger.com in 1999

Later in 2003 February, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google Inc. Later google changed their design in 2004 and also added some cool features like Image uploading (via Picasa) , comments, drag and drop widgets, individual archive pages for posts,etc.

 Blogger.com since 2004
Blogger.com created big revolution in Blogging. But even so, WordPress is still leading. 

“Blogger.com Shutting Down”,  this news traveled through my dream today (thank God it was just a dream).  

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