How to get the IP address using MSN/Yahoo/Pidgin messenger

Usually we need IP address to track website visitors and get information about the computer. Besides these, we also need IP address to do something nasty. I see my blog being searched for “How to find IP address using MSN or Yahoo messenger” that’s why i’ve posted a useful article for the visitors like you.  Here is how you go,
First, go to
Enter a any random username and your accessible Email address.

[Image: ip3.jpg]

Once you submit the form, you should get a link that looks similar to this:

[Image: ip4.jpg]

Then whoever chats with you, send them your link. You can do this in any chat clients or even in emails.

[Image: ip7.jpg]

If your friend really clicked the link and visited the web page, their IP address will be tracked to the database and will be instantly mailed to you in the email address you specify.

Login to your email account that you’ve specified earlier while filling up the form.  Open the new message from them, which will read similar to:

[Image: ip6.jpg] 
This may be old trick for you but may be new for others. You can also use your own website or blog instead of the above method. All you need is a blog with at least few contents to make them busy inside your website for a while.

For example,
Say that your friend is fond of reading some SMS messages, then create a blog in any free blog service like blogger or use your own blog if you have one, be sure to add tracker codes like mvtracker, clickaider, etc. Then send him the link to one of the SMS message. Higher chance he’ll click them if you provide him some information.

Ask him if he had read the SMS messages. And then check for the visitor logs in your free tracker’s homepage. There you’ll get the exact IP address of your victim, until and unless he isn’t using Proxy servers.

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