Top 5 Free Web Hosts

Free web hosting services are gaining wider popularity with  individuals and small scale businesses looking to introduce their services on web. For those looking to establish new internet business, it’s a great way to start with free web hosting. The web hosting services provide all the essential tools for designing and creating the web pages. From design and layout options to page counters you can easily add a professional page in no time. The free web hosts offer a sub domain( or a directory ( The free sites are largely used for pay per click campaign, services are ad supported and include ads to the free sites. Out of the scores of authentic free web host.

So, which one is best free web host for you? It varies from user’s needs. Some provide only PHP script and some only ASP or ASP.NET script feature. Whereas there are also one in hundred that provide all the Web Script support for free. Here is how I rate the top 5 Web Hosts.

1. Microsoft Office Live

This Microsoft free web hosting service provides top-notch web hosting service. It is the best, most affordable way for a small business to get a professional-looking website. You’ll get 500 MP of free Web Space. I rate it at the top because you can get your own free domain from this host. You can access your website Cpanel from your mobile devices like iPhone. You have the limit of 100 email accounts with your own domain name. Also they supports 5 GB of Bandwidth. You don’t have forced ads and banners. You can have your own ads in your website.

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2. 110MB hosting

This is yet another most widely adopted free PHP web hosting service.  110MB hosting offers a host of impressive features that includes no forced ads, wrap-speed for website page loading and a cluster based network of servers.
  You’ll get 5 GB space for free, It supports PHP 5 and MySQL. You can easily access your web files using FTP where you can also change the CHMOD value of your files and folders. You’ll get 10 GB Bandwidth and thats enough for the small business website. You can have either their subdomain (eg. or you can add your own domain which you’ve purchased or registered. All in all it supports PHP mail (send mail) feature, which is very helpful for your contact form and mail sending PHP scripts.

If you are totally new to web design, it features simple template driven site builder.  Hosting features
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2. Jimdo

It’s a free web hosting provider with extensive features for free website creation. One of unique, powerful feature with Weebly is an easy to drag and drop website editor that allows you to add videos, pictures, maps and text within a jiffy. For more you can insert you own theme in Weebly.
Hosting features 500 MB of free storage, unlimited web design templates. And the most amazing feature of this host is unlimited bandwidth. You are free from forced ads and you can have your own ads. It features  simple photo galleries.
This Web Host provider is really good for beginners who doesn’t know the web programming scripts.

For More Details Visit Their Website

3. Zymic

It’s a reliable and feature-rich free PHP web hosting service. Services offered by Zymic include PHP/MySQL, free domain names, as well as  ad-free hosting. Additionally, it offers an overtly generous disk and transfer allowance.
Hosting features, 5 GB webspace 50 GB ko data Transfer per month, ZHCP control panel for easy management. It supports PHP version 5 and MySQL of same Version. You have freedom to access your website files from FTP. Their server have 99.9% Uptime guarantee.
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This is new and fast, free web hosting service provider.  All of its accounts offer easy-to-use control panel that makes it quite simple to manage your website and files.
Hosting Features, 5 GB of disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, sadly PHP version supported is only 4. But good thing comes in small package, unlike other web hosts you’ll get your website instantly. You can access your file from File manager or FTP access. 99.9% Uptime.
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