Download files easily from Megaupload: bypassing those Captcha and Timer

If you are a normal use then if you are downloading files from Megaupload you have to pass through two “protections”. The first is a captcha while the second is a countdown timer. This means that users need to enter a captcha code whenever they want to download a file from the file hosting website. Even worse is that, they also have to wait some time before the download file becomes available.

Now I have a secret tool for you, it is Muautolink, a firefox add-on. Muautolink will immediately display a file download window when the user opens a Megaupload download page in the Firefox web browser. It bypasses the Megaupload captcha and countdown completely.

It even works if the Megaupload website is embedded in another website like several Megaupload search services have implemented it. It can be downloaded from the official Mozilla Firefox website from Here.


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