Is your website hacked? Removing virus from your website

Have your website ever been redirected to antivirus scanning website? Or Google marks your site as venerable site? Few weeks ago, my website got infected with this redirection problem. I was promptly redirected to antivirsu scanning website when I visited my site. I checked out my index.php for any velenarbilities but I found nothing. I also searched for the included file that are used to load index.php but same result.

   Finally I searched for .htaccess file in my web root directory. I felt that this is the file that is promptly redirecting my website to venerable website. I removed .htaccess file (If you are removing this file, then be careful it contains all the special features of your website). Then magic happened, no redirection, no scanning, no virus.

 It was okay for few weeks, but again I got the same problem. My website was venerable to those hackers and malwares. I prefered not to ask my webhost and tried to sort it out myself. Then I changed my cpanel password and since then I am changing my cpanel password weekly to stay away from hackers.

My password was unbreakable and I used to change it weekly but time to time my website use to be redirected to other site. Finally I got the answer why it happened.  It was actually because of the webhost problem not mine.

My website was hosted on UK server. I was using joomla, first i thought it was coz of joomla but I found the real reason later. I changed my web host now and its running fine now a days.

If you have got same problem then I prefer you better to know enough about your web host provider before you host in it. If you are running very important website then I prefer to get dedicated web host for you.

 If you have any better solution then please share with me.

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