Watch your home live via Twitter and YouTube

With the latest version of Yoics for Windows, you can easily make any webcam into your own personal surveillance system, where videos are auto-uploaded to YouTube & a Twitter notification is sent out.

 First of all Download  and install Yoics for Windows

Once you’ve installed Yoics, select web/IP cam to go to the configuration menu.

Once on the setup menu, (1) select your web-camera and (2) select to change your settings.
1. Select to turn on motion detection
2. Drag your mouse to select a ‘motion window’
3. Turn on round robin storage
4. In addition to capturing all motion events, Yoics can auto-create a daily time-lapse summary of all of your events.
Configure email and Twitter notification.

Add your YouTube credentials.
That’s it, now your webcam is your own personal surveillance system.
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