Connecting Sybmian mobile to Internet through Computer

Yeap, its true that you can connect your symbian 60 mobile to internet via your broadband internet connection of your computer.
It is made possible by a USB Bluetooth adapter, a router and a small symbian software which connects your computer to the internet.
The router I am talking about is mRouter
You just need to download mRouther and install it. now the main thing you have to do with your cell phone is to install Gnubox.sis file. This acts as an agent for your internet connection.

After downloading and installing all those things mentioned above, you have to change the default access point of your cell phone. Delete all the access points that you have in your cell phone, now create new access point with name “Bt” without inverted commas, save the access point. Now you are almost done. Hmm.. are you confused? Don’t worry this is only the summary. The last but not least steps are little bit harder and complicated, follow these steps for your easiness.

Switch on Bluetooth of your PC and your phone as well and pair it up.
Step1: Right click on the mRouter icon on the system tray go to “Connected Device”
Refresh the page until it discovers your phone. Select your phone in the device selection
screen and click “Next>”.
Uncheck the box where it says “Automatically connect to this device when it is in range”
and click “Finish”

Step2: Now right click on the m-Router taskbar icon and click on “Advanced Settings”
Click on the View button under “Additional COM Ports”
Select the COM Port used by your Bluetooth device (COM#)
After setting the COM Port, click “OK”
Under connectivity methods, look for Additional COM Ports and expand it to make
sure your COM port is there. Click “Close”
Make sure that there is no error message…
Now that our m-Router is all set, let’s configure Gnubox!!


Step1: On the phone, Go to “Tools”->”Settings”->”Connection”->”Access points”
Go to “Options”->”New access point”->”Use default settings”
Name it ‘Bt’ .
Make sure you set it to use ‘Data call’ as the bearer.
Set the number to call to something that cannot be called (e.g 321),
username as abc, password: xyz
Leave the rest as it is…

Step2: Start GnuBox.
Now you should see on the screen that the DialOutISP record is found,
and the phone number you just entered is printed on the screen.
However, the ModemBearer should still show ‘No rec’.
– Select “Options”->”Install”->”Create records”
– Exit gnubox with “Options”->”Exit”
– Start GnuBox again.
– Now you should see on the screen that the ModemBearer is shown and the ‘No rec’ error is gone.
– Create the bluetooth pairing between your phone and the computer.
– Launch GnuBox. Select “2box Bluetooth”->”Serial port”
– On the upcoming device selection dialog, select your computer,
and in the question about encryption click Yes (or OK if you only have that).
-At the last step, choose “Debug”->”Bring up IF”
-Now your phone connects with to the internet with a message “Connection Open”
-You may close gnubox after this process
– Launch your phone browser and enjoy!!

Lets recall,
Things you’ll need:
Bluetooth doungle
Gnubox appropriate for your phone

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