The new 13 inch MacBook

Completely redesigned inside and out, with up to five times the graphics power in a precision aluminium unibody enclosure.
Do everything faster.
With a first-of-its-kind integrated graphics processor that delivers up to five times the performance in half the size, MacBook changes the game-and just about everything else you do on a notebook. The new MacBook makes quick work of iLife, iWork,** and all your applications, so you can skim through photos, edit movies, and create websites and presentations with ease.

Graphics is just the beginning.
With its precision aluminium unibody enclosure and fewer parts than ever, the MacBook is thinner, greener, and more durable. The ultrathin LED-backlit display offers spectacular detail and instant full screen brightness. And the new Multi-Touch trackpad provides more room for clicking and Multi-Touch gestures.

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