Top 7 Worst Websites of Nepal- Review by Navin

This article is purely based upon my[Navin’s –] research and hereby want to clarify there is no egoism and vengeance involved. I read other hundreds of links to confirm and support my verdict on the ‘Top 7 Worst Websites in Nepal’.

Anyone affiliated with the following websites should take it as a measure of improvement and constructive criticism rather than fuming on what’s written here.

Lets start with something as an example to make you understand what the theme of this post is. Check this out:

Once you checked the site, you must be thinking “what’s so special out there?”. Lemme tell you, the Turkish guy Mahir Cagri on that site is ‘Cyber Celebrity’ and the credit goes to his awkwardly designed site Once his site broke record of millions of hits a day, I don’t know how. Despite his degraded English written on his site, it was so popular during 1999. I don’t know how. Ever since, he has been interviewed numerous times in medias. Even on their national/international TV channels, I don’t know how. His eccentric website gave him name and fame. This is my theme for today. I’m talking about some of the worst yet notoriously popular sites originated from Nepal. I call them luck-favored, fluke winner.

I, hereby, starting my article’s main nugget.


1. : You must’ve heard an urban saying, ‘Many people read craps, many people do craps,many people eat craps’. Well this site is one of the blogs if you’ve read, then is crap. The author has self-proclaimed testimony awarded to him by himself as the first blogger of the First Nepali blog in Nepal. To your amusement, he is in a strong jest to prove all his readers not a reader but bunch of fools and douche bags. Look at his blog Title, ‘This is not a news site, it’s blog’. He thinks readers can’t differentiate between news and blog articles. He delivers news all the time through his blog, yet his blog headers sound different and hilarious. I’ve chuckled many times on this stupidity, but not any more, I’m used to it.

According to some sources, his blog’s popularity picked up during people’s revolution which threw away King’s throne in vain. He then posted pictures of clashes and fed news hungry Nepalese living abroad with prompt news and latest pictures. But it’s cynical on his self-claiming that his blog is Nepal’s first blog in Nepalese language. To my knowledge, I was reading other Nepalese blog and sites before his blog. Obviously he is truly a big time liar.

The guy who expects to be the author of the first Nepali blog, has actually started his blog’s title in English alphabet. Isn’t that way hypocritical? On top of his posts based upon politically biased news and informations, he also backed baseless facts like ‘Peepal-leaf powered Cellphone’, he dishonored the benefits of VOIP, a latest and vibrant technology in use today. There are so many other posts where he falsified many facts and forced people to believe his saying. Truly, this blogger is out of mind stupid who curses his employers, advertisers and yet notoriously popular. I wouldn’t say sucks directly but the reality is his site gets thousands of hits a day.

2. : More than 7 years ago, Mercantile started a simple sister site called for publishing news online. Mercantile is one of Nepal’s old Internet Service Providers. The CEO of Mercantile thinks himself as Bill Gates of Nepal. When people of Nepal were getting a word or two about Internet, they started their news site. Nobody had dared to start a site because it was way expensive then. It was only to someone’s reach like big organizations or richy rich person. Starting website was of great respect and almost unimaginable for ordinary people. Mercantile instead of removing that disbelief, increased the gap. They charged people with high rates for their services. They didn’t do anything to ease rather proved the technology as the most expensive thing after GOLD. While reading news about then India’s progress on IT always envied me.

What started as a simple news publishing site is now more uglier and cluttered than ever. They bear a reputation of being Nation’s only site which started delivering news but look at their sites security. This site has been hacked several times. Ever since crackers hacked into their boxes and wiped out entire video collections relevant to their news, they are now hosted on YouTube. They don’t hire skilled manpower to safeguard their online services.
You can find several grammatical errors, poorly written articles and unstructured content and dead archives. This is not a personal site, it’s read nationally and internationally. They should’ve considered on that.
On other note, this site is visited tremendously everyday and I wouldn’t say sucks.

3. : This is Country’s old online shopping store. Actually, was later on superseded by, short and sweet name.
It became more vague, cluttered and mismanaged. They targeted rich and content buyers by charging more on their products. Online purchasing is usually cheaper than real-life business. On the contrary, sells more expensive stuffs and it seems they rarely update their price listing. When they deliver/ship the product, there is delivery charge which is hidden and unknown to buyers. This site is a total disgrace to be the nation’s one of the online shopping stores. The pricing is astronomical and unbelievable. Yet, it’s one of the most talked and visited sites.

4. : Yomari is one of the oldest web solution providers meaning, they build websites, help creating MIS services, data mining etc. They’ve big names under their clients according to them.
If you’ve eagle-eyed on their latest Site where they’ve stated, they founded their company in 2004 which is actually a big lie. In fact, this company has been into existence since 1998. During this period, they’ve managed to grab many opportunities to create websites of private companies and government. If you’ve seen Nepal’s government sites being hacked by Iranian crackers and ever wondered who might have finished those sites, well it’s YOMARI. Their websites are the most hacked, unsecured and unreliable.

As one report stated, their management is also filled with self-centered and abusing officials. If it were in USA, one might have already pressed charge against them but that is Nepal. They are very notorious for employee abuse.

If you are planning to buy their services, I want you to read this thread below:
Yomari abuses it’s employee unimaginably
You don’t wanna get services from a company which is dictatorial to it’s employees and unaccountable to it’s clients. Yet, this is the most sought after web company. It’s employees think sucks bigtime.

5. : This is one of the ugliest Nepalese websites I’ve ever seen. It is atrociously cluttered and hard to navigate, improper design and very grotesque.

The navigation is so cluttered that it looks like somebody might have spit with disgrace. Whoever has designed this site, I compare it with his mind’s structure.

Other than that, this site is extremely inclusive and it has everything of interest to read on. It has live forum,chat,photo albums, everything to spend good time upon.

This is another massively visited site. But I never pay first visit on this site except some search engine result pages pointing to this site.

6. : This is one of the oldest sites which specifically reviews Nepalese websites and awards them with it’s own Badge. Way back, when bloggers asked this site to review their blogs, they denied simply because they didn’t know about blogs. Irony, they’ve their own blogs now a days. They started reviewing blogs too. Hilarious but the truth.

The problem with this site is it doesn’t do good reviews. They are focused on biased and emotional reviews. Many of their ‘Site of the Month’ or ‘Site of the year’ are dead and they don’t really care to weed it out. So, this proves how immature their reviews are and how unprofessional their awards are which they keep doing on mushrooming sites without much research. I’ve already mentioned they do this biased and emotional.

Other than that, I wouldn’t say sucks. Yet it’s one of the most visited sites during it’s time. You can still find collection of Nepalese site listed, don’t go for their reviews though.

7. : This site used to look good. It does,according to it’s domain name, sound like it’s only about Thamel, but that’s not. I would tag it as a chameleon. I’ve been seeing this site changing it’s color and service all the times. Few years ago, It looked like an online stores, sometimes it looks like Gift store, now a days you can see they are offering loan to NRN(Non-Resident Nepalese), dead link to their so called online banking.. Yeap, so much hiccups to get their services. What would you do, if you sent money and the next day, their link was dead from where you sent money?

One of my readers told me, that he tried to send money through but later had to end up arguing to get his money back. He almost lost hope for his money because neither receiver received money and nor he’s properly informed. Their customer support, I guess, is horrible.

Other than that, it’s one of the most visited sites in Nepal. May be because it’s the only place in Nepal where Tourists flock at first as soon as they come to this country. Back to their homes, their memories from Thamel must excite them to type instinctively.

This ends my reviews on the worst and notoriously popular Nepalese websites. If you guys have anything to share more on this, I’ll compile and constantly update this article giving due credit to your words.

This article was originally extracted from and the reviews are by Navin Lama


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