Cut MP3 Files Online

There are several MP3 Splitter tools that helps you to cut your MP3 Files according to your need. Search in Google itself, you’ll find large list of such free mp3 splitter tools. But have you ever wished for such online tools that access your local files, edits your local mp3 files and splits it locally?

With Web 2.0 it’s not that hard to imagine. have been providing such online splitter tool since some months.

Cut MP3 Online uses latest Flash and Actionscript technology to split and edit your MP3 files locally. This online audio splitting tool does not requires to decode the MP3 code, rather it cuts the MP3 at frame level. This will prevent the output MP3 file to give low quality sounds. In simple terms, it preserves the sound quality.

The user interface is very easy, Click on Open MP3 button to load the MP3 you want to chop down. Select the starting point and end point  and click Cut button. You can also input the starting time and ending time manually.

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