Dramatically destruct your files to get assignment excuses

It’s always not possible to complete your assignment on time. Your professor will mark the dead line of the assignment submission within a week. But you don’t make yourself totally busy with assignment, do you? Except than homeworks, you need some time to play, enjoy, entertain yourself and play video games, surfing internet right?

Oh! talking about video games and internet, you’ll never want to take your ass off the computer. And you’ll never notice that you spent 70% time of the week in playing games and surfing non-sense websites. And just your assignment submission deadline is just the next day.

Many of you might have faced similar condition. To get not scolded by your professor, you’ll have two alternatives, one is not submit the article and apologize your mistake and get insulted among classmates and another is work whole night on your assignment and again get scolded for submitting bad assignment.

I am sorry if you need to submit your work in printed hard copy format. But if your professor is asking for soft electronic copy then take a long breath. Because we are going to introduce you to a new online tool that saves the day for you.

File Destructor 2.0 allows you to dramatically create a destructed and corrupt files so that you can get excuses for your assignment. File Destructor creates a scrambled and corrupt file making which is un-readable and impossible to open and recover.

Go to File Destructor 2.0 and type in your assignment name or file name, input your file size and choose file extension, submit it to your professor.

Click on Destruct and save file button and your download will be instantly initiated.

You’ll be forgiven and excused to complete your assignment with added few days more.

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