Download Internet Explorer 9 Today

Internet Explorer 9 is going to release it’s beta version today (September 15, 2010). Internet explorer 9 will support some of the demanding features like, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, canvas and several other technologies.

Internet Explorer have been headache for many web designers and developers because of numerous flaws and lack of standardization of code rendering. Because of these flaws, several forums filled with problems and remedies, several websites created for it’s resolving remeties. But now Internet Explorer 9 is going to support HTML5 and CSS3, lots of improvement is expected from Microsoft’s side.

Unlike other vendors, Microsoft has been quite secretive towards it’s new user interface. However, a screenshot was leaked but Microsoft has been commenting it as a fake. You can see it at sitepoint.

If you are one of those who is eagerly waiting for the new release of Internet Explorer then the coundtown is left to few hours only. The download link will be available soon after few hours on

The bad thing before IE9 is released and before you go to download link you must know that Internet Explorer 9 is not supported in Windows XP, even though world’s large population depends upon Windows XP.

And even if you are trying it out in your Vista or Windows 7, you must know that it will remove older version of Internet Explorer.

After downloading it be sure to comeback and comment here how it looked! We’ll review it later.

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