Search your and friends Facebook history instantly

After successful creation of Youtube instant search engine, 20 year old Nour Syron, thought – why not Facebook instant search? Then as soon as he thought, he planned and finally created a successful version of Facebook Instant search that is amazingly impressive.

Facebook Instant Search lets you search public posts, comments, pages, and events even without logging in Facebook. The main thing that makes Facebook Instant really a instant search is you just need to start typing and the results will show up instantly. The good thing about Facebook Instant search is it loads all the results in single page.

However it is available for you, it is still in beta phase. If you don’t find Facebook Instant search good enough then wait a minute, you’ll soon be featured with:
  • The Paging feature: where you can access older results not just the latest 10.
  • Real Time Results : FbInstant will keep checking in case results got updated while you are on the results page viewing items.
  • Videos and Images: Instantly displaying/playing when hovering on the item with the mouse.
  • Facebook Videos / Photos search: [no privacy hacks, again people I’m USING facebook API not playing games with it] 
  • Number of Results: Displaying the number of results found per search, very useful for product awareness searches, advertising, statistics … the possibilities are endless.
    (Note: Implementation of ‘Number of Results’ might be delayed to FBInstant 4.0)
  • Due to the many visits from NON-English users, we are going to add Multi Language Support as well.
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